Practice makes perfect.

Constant practicing has the ability to help one perform with great quality. Practicing helps produce a stronger voice, from healthy habits, create good tone and pitch, and overall make the performance look and sound amazing.

Practicing helps avoid causing damage to parts of the body. It helps strengthen muscles so that when the final performance is performed it is executed with ease. Practicing helps memorization and create habits. If practiced enough, one will not have the issue of trying to find the right pitch or finding the tempo on stage and making mistakes. Also, when performing the sound that is created will not sound forced, but sound more natural because practicing will create the habit of knowing the lyrics, the tempo, and the notes by memory.

After constant practice, tones, pitches, notes, lyrics, balance and other crucial factors in singing will come naturally.

It is not advised to practice for long hours because the muscles that are used when singing also need rest so that they can have time to heal and get ready in a safe manner and avoid injuries. Practices should be held in an achievable amount of time that allows for the singer to practice as much as needed, but not tire out their lungs and muscles.

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